Off the Beaten Track: Red Square Weddings and the Love Bridge in Moscow

Locks on a tree at the Luzhkov “Love” Bridge

Love and romance! We saw this side of Moscow on the last Sunday of September 27, 2015 group organized by and Tourists from China came special to Red Square for weddings. Where they were married is unknown to us. We saw a beautiful bride and her groom walking through Red Square. Another couple posed in front of GUM State Department Store, Red Square for wedding photos. A third wedding couple posed for a photo near an ornate iron wall. They came from China to perform their weddings in Red Square.

I never saw a love bridge in Greece or in New York where I live. Later in the warm, autumn day, our group walked to the Luzhkov “Love” Bridge.  Newly married couples come to this bridge to “lock their love” after the ceremony. The concept is that their love can be symbolized by placing locks with their names on trees along the bridge. The locks express strength to their commitment. As we were sightseeing, a beautiful Asian couple was leaving after they probably attached a lock with their names to a tree. Tourists locking their love and posing for photos on their wedding day in Red Square showed us an image of Russia unknown to Westerners.

Wedding couple posing for photo in front of GUM, Red Square, Russia.

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