“Feel Yourself Russian” Show With Escort Made St. Petersburg Evening Unique

“We will be happy to satisfy your wishes’, said our guide Misha for the Folk Show “Feel Yourself Russian” folk Show in St. Petersburg, Russia. “We are here to meet you in your hotel lobby. We are happy to help you. Welcome to our city. Russian hospitality is to give our guests a gift.” Misha, who met us online through viator.com spoke perfect English. He gave us an insight in Russian business ventures that are trying to grow on Viator.

IMG_6560 (336x450)
Greek decor
IMG_6564 (450x331)
Orchestra playing classical music at the Nikolaevsky Palace.

A welcome gift was waiting for us at the reception desk of Domina Prestige hotel. The gesture made a positive impression. Our escort guide was prompt, punctiual who got us to the Vodka museum on time. The Vodka Museum is located at the Nikolaevsky Palace. It looked like the elegant palaces in Disney movies, with a black tie orchestra and a lady in evening gown at the entrance. A banner with the Panagia Mary and saints prominently displayed on the stairway, by a country that formerly destroyed its religious monuments. The religious Orthodox zeal of 2015 Russia continued to amazes me, a Westerner who grew up during the Cold War .The Vodka tasting during intermission was excellent. The Russian souvenirs were excellent quality, that we did not see in Moscow. I enjoyed looking at the scarfs with embelishments. The vodka was not too strong. The personnel did not know English, but had a warmth of the spirit that we did not see at the Little theater of the Hermitage Swan Lake show.

photo(1) (450x297)
Russian scarf
photo (328x450)
Elegant princess.

The folk dancing was lively, entertaining. A melodious choir sang touching Russian folk songs to an international audience. The Cossack dancing at the conclusion was thrilling. Beautiful costumes with performers who were electrifying the audience. Our guide, Misha escorted us back to our hotel saying “come back to St. Petersburg.”

IMG_6561 (450x297)
Greek columns of the Nikolaevsky Palace.



Mishan at mail@ithorosho.com- guide





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