Where Can You Buy a Practical Luxury Bag?

KEM bag


Look for a handbag when travelling in Greece.” Said Despina Siolas, MD/Ph.D. “The touch and feel of a made in Greece handbag is extraordinary. The KEM quality is #1.”

I came across KEM label handbags in Athens. The salesperson said “the way to distinguish whether it is made in either China or Greece is to look for the logo or label in the interior.” Leather is expensive. Yet KEM created a reasonable price bag. The two bags I purchased are made to last.

KEM bag

According to their website at http://www.kemgroup.gr/, “KEM pairs high-quality leather and highly-skilled craftsmanship to create beautiful handbags, wallets, shoes and accessories. Expect classic styles and neutral colors that will wear well with almost anything in your wardrobe.”  Visit and see a bag that is totally different from what we have U.S. at any of these locations:

KEM bag





Photo 2 –KEM Bag

Photo 3 – KEM Bag


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