Unique Education Mentor Honored



PHOTO1 (600x358)
Mrs. Athena Tsokou-Kromidas (3rd from left) honored by His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios (left to right), Eleftheria Ikouta, Prometheus Vice President , Dr. Theodosis Pelegrinis, Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs of Greece and Prometheus President Demosthenes Triantafillou.

Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. Plato

             Principal Athena Tsokou-Kromidas has been there for all students   at William Spyropoulos Greek American Day School Principal. She is a legend. Loyal and steadfast. Mrs. Kromidas was honored for her lifelong dedication to the preservation of the Greek language and customs at the Fortieth Anniversary Luncheon of the Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus” was held at Terrace on the Park, Flushing, N.Y. She presented the program and was honored as president from 1986-1988.

His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios of America, Mr. Stephen Cherpelis, Archon Dikaiophylax of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Dr. Theodosis Pelegrinis, Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs of Greece with staff member George Krikis, Mr. Vasilis Philippou Consul-General of the Republic of Cyprus, Dr. Thalia Chatziagiannoglou, Head of the Office for Educational Affairs of the New York Consulate General of Greece and prominent persons from the education and business communities recognized her education work. She received honors from Michael Giannaris, NY State Senator of District 12, Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus” and the Department of Education of Greece.

PHOTO3 (500x372)
Mrs. Kromidas with educators/friends who came to honor her.

“I would not be here today if it were not for the opportunity I was given to offer my services in educating our Greek community,” Principal Kromidas said upon receiving her award. “I owe this award to my family, to my colleagues and to the parents and students of St. Nicholas School and the entire Greek community in Flushing. It is an honor to serve the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Parish, a community which I love and respect—for more than 32 years.” The Chian Federation presented its 34th Annual Homeric Award in 2013 to Principal Athena Tsokou-Kromidas. She has a weekly radio program on Cosmos FM.


http://www.greeknewsonline.com/athena-kromidas-honored-by-parents-and-youth-of-william-spyropoulos-school/- biography



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