On the Road in Greece: Comedy in Tripoli, Arcadia


PHOTO1 (500x309)
Actors Barbas – Spyros Vardouniotis (left to right) and The Cousin – Vasilis Chronopoulos.

Educators are dedicated and serious on improving the quality of life in Greece. It is not a job to them. It is a ministry. The Theatrical Group of the Primary Education Teachers Arcadia presented the comedy “not me” (Den Eime Ego) at the Malliaropoulios Theatre from May 30, 2016 to June 12th, the comedy was by Gregorios Xenopoulos. Funny, convincing and an escape from reality describes our enjoyment in being in the audience. The only reason we were there was to support Professor Spiro Vardouniotis and his fellow actors who are a world class theatrical company.  They are open to bring their company overseas, so the Greek diaspora can enjoy their productions.

PHOTO5 (500x499)

The plot centers on Mathematics Professor Peter Papapetros who in his logic believes the illness of Prosecutor Challer is a split personality of A and B. Professor Papapetros convinces everyone there is “No One”: person A who is wise and B a loser. The play satirizes people who rely heavily on logic alone. The human forces of imagination and intuition must be considered.

PHOTO3 (500x313)
The cast.

Who is Grigorios Xenopoulos?  He was born in Constantinople in 1867. He died in 1951. Mr. Xenopoulos was a novelist, journalist and writer of plays from Zakynthos. He was lead editor in the now-legendary magazine “The Education of Children during the period from 1896 to 1948. He was the magazine’s main author. His was the trademark signature “yours faithfully, Phaedon”, which he used in letters addressed to the magazine. Mr. Xenopoulos was the founder and editor of the “Nea Estia” magazine, which is still published. He became a member of the Academy of Athens in 1931. He founded the Society of Greek Writers with Kostis Palamas, Angelos Sikelianos and Nikos Kazantzakis.1

Performers included: Peter Papapetros – Panos Iliopoulos; Froso – Natasha Nikolopoulou; Mom Frosso – Eleni Papadopoulou; Petrakis Papapetros – Dimitris Symniotis; George – Kostas Skorpidi; Themos – Christos Karnezis; Kyra Stop – Effie Kagiouli; Vaso – Gogo Bakopoulou; Marika – Christina Arvanitis; Polymnia – Joanna Vemi; Barbas – Spyros Vardouniotis;The Cousin – Vasilis Chronopoulos; Desiree – Paula Tsipianitopoulou; Kiki – Yota Karydis; Official – Anna Zafiropoulou.

PHOTO2 (500x320)
Actors P. Iliopoulos (left to right), D.Symniotis, N. Nikolopoulou, E. Papadopoulou, S. Vardouniotis and V. Chronopoulos.

Persons who worked behind the scenes in production, theatrical set up and public relations:Takis Roumeliotis; Fani Ziazias; Christina Sarantopoulou; Melina Hatzopoulou; Rena Kostiri; Anna Mpramou; Aggeliki Missioy; Eleni Koulou; Eleni Papadopoulou; Fotini Vartzoti; Xanthianna Pierrakea; Nikos Salapatas, Mpesi Petropoulou-Leivaditi; MaiaSiriou; Yiota Dourida and Thanasis Mpournas. The Producer is Froso Hatzopoulou. All names were taken from the comedy program. For further names not listed and information visit their website entry.2

The educators have participated in the following performances for twelve years: “Youth for a Dime”, As. Gialamas-K. Prenteteris: “Looking for a Liar”, D. Psathas; “The Woman Cardplayer”, D. Psathas;  The Seagull Brings Babies”, M.  Repas, 2 years; “A Crazy, Crazy 50 Year Old Woman”, A. Sakellarios; “Dust in the Eyes”, E. Lampis;  “The Dream of the Scarecrow” E. Trivizas, 2 years; “The Magical Pillows”, E. trivizas; “Odyssevach” X. Kalogeropoulou; and “To Sklavi” (The Son of a Slave”, X. Kalogeropoulou.

PHOTO4 (500x336)
Dr. John G. Siolas (left to right) with Maria and Prof. Spiros Vardouniotis.

Special appreciation in the program was expressed for the following: The City of Tripoli for their donation of the Malliaropoulios Theatre; Christina Sarantopoulou; Vasili Mpita; EAS REGION Athletics Federation Peloponnese; Acadia 93.8; Arcadiaportal.gr and www.arcadiasports.gr. I have the deepest sympathy for the Arcadians, like the Theodore Kolokotronis clan (similar to the Scotish clans of the series “Outlander”). Their families were decimated during the 1821 Revolution for their quest for freedom of religion and expression. In 2016, political correctness, immigration and limit of home production all imposed by the European Union and an ineffective government is threatening the existence of the modern Greek civilization. Laughing and revisiting an innocent age portrayed by playwright Xenopoulos uplifted everyone’s spirit.


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  2. https://pelopolitismos.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/theatro-daskaloi-arkadias-den-eimai-ego-ksenopoulos-30may-12june/- comedy information.
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