On the Trail in Greece: Greek Residency


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Dual Greek citizenship is impossible for me. My grandparents immigrated to the United States in the 1900’s and before the U.S. Quota of Mediterranean persons in 1922. Limnos was part of Turkey. Tseme is still part of Turkey. My grandmother’s passport states she was a citizen of Turkey. I can probably get a Turkish dual citizenship. This is the tragedy facing third generation Greek-Americans from the former Ottoman Empire.

In June 2016, The “Athens” magazine issue in our hotel had an amazing article. “250,000 euros is enough for Greek residency with citizenship option. No minimum stay required. The Greek state offers permanent residency to non EU citizens who purchase real estate in Greece of minimum value of 250,000 euros.”1

                        The ad continues saying “the residency permit covers all family members: spouse, children (up to 21 years of age) parents and spouse’s parents. The residents can travel freely to all Schengen countries. They can also travel directly from their country of origin without the need to come to Greece first. There is no minimum stay requirement to maintain the right. After seven years of residency, the investors may apply for Greek citizenship.”2

                        This ad is offered by Prime Synergy Company at neo Psychiko, 4 Perikleous St, 15451. They offer a total service package including the property and all the required formalities to complete the residency procedure. They handle property rental. It is written in Chinese as well with an arial photo of Athens. They have personnel who speak English, Arabic and Chinese.

Conclusions? I leave it up to each individual reader to decide. The internet information is info@greek.residency.com and http://www.greekresidency.com.


  1. “Athens”, issue #73 (Spring 2016), Athens, p. 27.
  2. “Athens”, p. 27.

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