Off the Beaten Trail: Red Square  and the Kremlin at Night

photo1 (2) (500x375)
Red Square

Walking through Red Square and the Kremlin at night is a magical experience. Lights transform the Kremlin, Red Square and surrounding streets of Kitay Gorod. It is a Unesco site with the Kremlin walls, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Gum and State History Museum lit up as if it was Christmas.

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State History Museum, Red Square
photo2 (500x360)

Red Square was created as market place beside the Kremlin in Moscow’ first suburb of Kitay Gorod. It is the spiritual heart of Moscow for 900 years. We walked in safety with the international tourists. Soldiers guarded the area and were helpful. We were very happy to walk along Nikolskaya Street in Kitay Gorod where the Kazan Cathedral is located. We sent looking or the Greek Monastery of St. Nicholas on Nikolskaya Street. It turned out it was destroyed in 1935. Seeing such a beautiful landmark was a highlight of our Russian experience.

photo5 (1024x768) (500x375)
Kazan Cathedral
photo10 (500x369)
Kitay Gorod
photo11 (500x374)
Gum, Red Square

photo6 (1024x764) (500x373)photo7 (374x500)


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