On the Trail in Greece: Mountain Honey of the Peloponnese


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Orange Blossom Honey

“Discover the Peloponnese” is the 2016 Greece tourism slogan. My answer? Discover the honey of the Peloponnese.  Greece’s honey has a taste exceptional from American products. I went to the local Tripoli city supermarket to purchase two types of honey. The first was a can entitled “Honey from Flowers: a Greek Product”.  The honey of Mani is like “Greek Gold”. The “Honey of Mani: a Greek Product” has a photo of a stairless Maniot tower. It has been produced from 1989. On the jar’s back label was a map showing the location. “From the time of Hippocrates, honey has been used for therapeutic means,” the label’s description explained. The honey is natural.”

Honey from Greece is organic with no chemicals. Numerous cultures use honey as medicine. It is a scientific fact that honey bolsters the auto immune system. Arcadia has fir or forest honey. “Fir honey is low in fructose and glucose. Fir honey is the most unique honey that we offer. This ‘forest’ honey comes from the mountains of Vytina in the central Peloponnese region and represents only 5% of total Greek honey production. The people of Vytina use fir honey to benefit their digestive and respiratory systems. It is also thought to help anemia.

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Mani Honey

Fir honey, when collected, has a marbleized, iridescent appearance, and is thicker and has a richer flavor than most floral honeys – a warm, woody flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. It is recommended for diabetics and sugar metabolism issues. It has a very high nutritive value as it is rich in iron and calcium, and helps the body absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Orange blossom honey comes from the blossoms of orange trees in Peloponnese and is mild in flavor with a fruity scent and a refreshingly light citrus taste balanced with slight orange peel bitterness. It is rich in antioxidants and is thought to be beneficial for intestinal issues, insomnia and nervousness. Orange honey crystallizes in one to three months. Orange blossom honey pairs exceptionally well with fresh goat cheeses and young cheddars.

Pine honey comes from the forests of Peloponnese and has a woody, slightly caramelized flavor. This ‘forest’ honey is rich in minerals and amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, and has fewer calories than flower honeys. Pine honey represents the majority of total honey production in Greece, approximately 60%, and is resistant to crystallization.”

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“From the time of Hippocrates, honey has been used for therapeutic means,” the label’s description explained.

The Tripoli Chamber of Commerce brochure says that “a country that loses its tradition, loses its future. Arcadia reveres, honors and perpetuates its heritage. Their products are from the earth and are all authentic.” Greece’s problem is the European Union’s regulations on products. 2017 is viewed from a distance with interest by many.  Our family loves the “Honey of Mani”. Visit a Greek Mediterranean store to buy honey. It is a priceless gift to have and give to all.


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