On the Road in Greece: 2016 KEM Bags

I bought a purple KEM bag with leather handles.

I saw the latest “Bags & Accessories Collection: spring, summer 2016” catalogue. Seeing the bags modeled by a young woman was impressive. I selected “Roman Leather” in scarlet for 190 e. ($200). Popular non-leather bags was the “Hearts”, “Riva”, “Woven”, “Soft Double Face” “Soft New York”, “polo Mat” and “Lavato” synthetic collections. The prices were from $40-$80 dollars. I bought a purple bag with leather handles. KEM synthetic bags are advertised as being high quality. I notice the Blue Line Ferry boat I was on was selling KEM bags in their ship store. Stop by a KEM store in Greece and enjoying window shopping

A bright purple and bright orange leather bags was my dream wish. These  bags are seen in the fashion magazines. The KEM store  at Tripolis, Greece had an unbelievable selection you can not find in our New York City stores. Quality, style, fashion and durability is what we want.

KEM bag


KEM bag I bought in scarlet
KEM bags



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