The Passing of a Dynamic Priest from Astoria, New York

Rev. Marketos thanked Consul General Platis (3rd from left) with Anna, Presvitera and Stephen Marketos in Christmas 2003.

Rev. Dionisios Marketos passed away on November 20, 2016. The wake was held Tuesday evening at St. Demetrios Cathedral in Astoria, New York on November 22nd. His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey performed the funeral service on Wednesday, November 23rd at St. Demetrios Cathedral, Astoria. He is survived by Presvitera Anastasia, children Anna, Stefanos and Chrisoula and family. Donations in his memory can be donated to St. Nektarios Monastery, Roscoe, N.Y.

Rev. Alexander Karloutsos with Rev. Makrinos at a 2005 Festival of Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church, Southampton.

Father Dionisios was an immigrant from the town of Montesatata, Cephalonia. He was influence by the late Rev. John Poulos and late Rev. Michael Karloutsos. He worked closely with Rev. Alexander Karloutsos of Kimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church of the Hamptons when he was presbyter of the Transfiguration of Christ Church of Mattituck, New York. Through my eyes, his accomplishments were amazing. I am quoting excerpts for articles that describe his exception achievements during his ministry in Mattituck.

Rev. Dionisios Marketos at 2005 Asgata Memorial.
The youth of the Transfiguration Church, Mattituck, December 2005.

“Rev. Dionisios Marketos is now commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant Greek Orthodox Chaplain of the New York Guard,” announced 1st Lt. Peter S. Giakoumis of the 4th Platoon, D Company of the New York Guard. The official ceremony was performed, Sunday, Dec. 17th, 2006 at the Philoptohos Ladies Society social in the church hall of the Transfiguration of Christ Greek Orthodox Church in Mattituck, N.Y. This was a historical moment in the 150 year history of the National Guard. A free luncheon of Greek cuisine was served to the community under the supervision of Philoptohos President Virginia Tripolitis and the ladies of the community.

            He attempted to revive youth services. “We will have free Greek Language and Culture School Lessons for the youth of the Transfiguration of Christ Church in Mattituck, L.I.,” said Rev. Dionisios Marketos on Sunday, June 20th in the church hall. “All children are invited to come and learn about their Greek roots.” The Greek Language and Culture School recited Greek poems. Mr. Andreas Markakis, School Board member and former Parish Council President, awarded every student with a $200 bond in memory of his late son, George Markakis. The fathers of the community were honored for their unique contribution in perpetuating Hellenism on the North Fork. Father Dionisios is a resident of Astoria, New York since 1970. His parishioners have homes in Queens and vacation homes on the North Fork of Long Island.”2

Christmas 2003 saw an international diplomat honor our priest. “The Greek communities in America hold on and maintain their roots from the 1900’s in the era prior to the Balkan Wars to 2003,” said Greek Consul General Demetrios Platis. “We come here today to honor the Name day of Father Dionisios Marketos, a dynamic, dedicated clergyman.” Mr. Platis traveled over two hours with his father-in-law on Dec. 21st, Sunday to honor Father Dionisios at the Transfiguration of Christ Church in Mattituck, L.I. A luncheon followed in the church hall. An old fashioned Christmas program was performed by the Greek-Afternoon School under the direction of instructor Father Dionisios.
“I find a strong community in Mattituck of Greek immigrants from the Mainland, Aegean and Ionian islands and Cyprus. The parishioners hold on to their Hellenism after two to three generations. The Greek language is maintained at the Transfiguration Church,” said Greek Consul General Platis. “I have been here for over four years. I am convinced the Greek-Americans are resilient in persisting in their heritage.


Rev. Marketos (4th from left) with Rev. Alexander Karloutsos (2nd from left) with Philoptohos at 2005 Transfiguration Church Festival.

Rev. Marketos thanked Consul General Platis for honoring the Transfiguration Church in attending his Name day celebration. “Consul General Platis you honor our children by showing enthusiasm in their Christmas Program at our rural church in the farm fields of the North Fork of Long Island. We wish you health and prosperity in your diplomacy that reaches out to all persons,” stated the priest. “We must teach our Greek-American children the Greek language so they will understand the language of their parents and grandparents. The Greek language is the father of the languages that are the basis of Western Civilization.”3 His enthusiasm and smile will be missed by many.



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