Excellent Translation Company



 The world engages constantly in global business and is growing smaller with each passing day through its complex connections. Our vision at World Lingos is to offer high quality foreign language communication and to ensure that international or domestic business is conducted accurately, reliably and cost effectively, taking the guess work out of translations.

At World Lingos we do not like the word “late”.  We know you need document translated yesterday! Time is money. We offer translation services fast and reliable 24/7. We at World Lingos understand this basic fact of today’s world very well and act accordingly to accommodate this need: the moment your file is received, a dedicated Project Manager will start analyzing it. Your translation will be completed in the shortest time possible from initial quote albeit not at the expense of quality. If you need high quality professional legal translations, trust World Lingos and its experienced staff of linguists. All of our linguists have many years of experience. Our partners are committed to translation quality, speed, and subject-matter expertise for international contracts, legal and litigation papers, translation of agreements, medical translations, certificates of all kinds, etc. We also accept dissertations, scientific papers, patents, technical data of all kind. No translation project is turned down.

Translation Quality Guarantee
We provide a 100% accuracy guarantee for all of our translations. We stand by all of the translations performed by our translators. If you are not completely satisfied with a completed translation, we will correct it, free of charge, until it meets your full satisfaction. If there are any questions or concerns with one of our translations, we will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy thereof.
If time permits, our initial step for large projects involves the development of a comprehensive glossary of terms specific to the client’s project. This process is managed by a content manager whose sole function is to accept, interpret, translate and implement terms via a dynamic glossary that is distributed and integrated across our teams of linguists. We combine tools and processes to make sure that the correct terms are utilized at all times, enhancing accuracy with time-efficiency. This process provides consistency, while allowing each linguist to provide changes and modifications where he/she deems appropriate.
When technical content requires a strong knowledge of industry-specific information, we rely on subject-matter experts to ensure the correct usage of technical terms. These professional resources have access to translation glossaries, online and up-to-date dictionaries and industry-specific terminology tools. We believe strongly in the need to employ industry specific translators as each industry relies on specific terminology and nomenclature that is constantly changing and evolving during everyday activities.
We continually monitor the performance of our resources. Translators’ performances are evaluated after each project and rated in our internal system.


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