On the Road in Greece: Aristotle’s School at Mieza, Macedonia

Aristotle School

I visited Aristotle’s School at Mieza, Macedonia with our guide Matina of Dolphin Hellas Tours. The natural landscape had peacefulness, being close to nature and God. Aristotle taught «the doctrines of morals and politics” (Plutarch VII, 668) to the youths of the Macedonian Nobility. The landscape, where the Great Teacher rambled with his students on the fully vegetation riverbank trails, among calm and cool streams of water, gushed from the springs around, is completed by an even greater cave, a little further off, with two carved entrances, obviously for devotional use.1

Aristotle School

Aristotle of Stagira was a Greek philosopher who pioneered systematic, scientific examination in literally every area of human knowledge and was known, in his time, as “the man who knew everything”, and, later, as “The Philosopher” (so named by Aquinas who felt one needed no other). In the European Middle Ages he is referred to as “The Master” in Dante’s Inferno. All of these epithets are apt in that Aristotle wrote on, and was considered a master in, disciplines as diverse as biology, politics, metaphysics, agriculture, literature, botany, medicine, mathematics, physics, ethics, logic, and the theatre. He is traditionally linked in sequence with Socrates and Plato in the triad of the three greatest Greek philosophers.2

Aristotle School

In 343 BCE Aristotle was summoned by King Philip II of Macedonia to tutor his son Alexander (who, of course, would become Alexander the Great) and held this post for the next seven years, until Alexander ascended to the throne and began his famous conquests. The two men remained in contact through letters, and Aristotle’s influence on the conqueror can be seen in the latter’s skillful and diplomatic handling of difficult political problems throughout his career. Alexander’s habit of carrying books with him on campaign and his wide reading have been attributed to Aristotle’s influence as has Alexander’s appreciation for art and culture.3

Aristotle School


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