Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus” Presented New Insights on Writer Alexandros Papadiamantis


Over 100 persons present

“Alexandros Papadiamantis would cover newspaper events, bringing his own refreshments. He did not take food offered. He had his wine and cheese with him. He sat alone in a corner. He was objective as to life around him, saying the truth. He didn’t condemn the actions of persons. The writer understood human pain. He asked all to accept persons with their weaknesses and forgive them. Papapdiamantis’ short stories and articles are as important as his poems,” explained Professor Christopher Tripoulas in his Memorial Lecture on Alexander Papadiamantis. The Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus” held the event to celebrate The Three Hierarchs, founders of Greek Education and Greek Letters. The celebration took place February 5th, Sunday afternoon at the library of St. Demetrios High School, Astoria School, New York City. Over one hundred persons attended.

Demosthenes Triantafillou, President of the Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus (standing) with honored guests
Professor Christopher Tripoulas

The program consisted of the following: presenters Meropi Kyriakou-Kakopierou and  Demosthenes Triantafillou, President of the Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus”; Prayer by Archimandrite Nektarios Papazafiropoulos, Dean of St. Demetrios Cathedral; Greetings to honored guests byTimoleon Kokkinos, former President of “Prometheus”; Introduction of keynote speaker George Kazoulis, theologian: Professor Christopher Tripoulas, key note speaker on topic “Alexander Papadiamantis as genuine representative of Greek Cultural Diversity”; Awards Presentation to the fifteen participants of the First Pedagogical Program at the Greek School of the Ascension in Fairview, N.J. by Dr. Thalia Hatzigiannoglou. The Greek American Writers Association of America with President T. Mouzakis, Mytilene Society and the American Institute of Dodecanesian Studies were supporters.

Professor Christopher Tripoulas with Dr. John Nathenas

“Papadiamantis is a saint of Greek Letters,” explained Professor Tripoulas. “There is no black or white. All exist and must be forgiven. He noticed all around him, writing about the average person. They were not superheroes or supermen. God loves all, just and unjust. The writer lived over one hundred years ago. He was a nisiotis (islander) with an island mentality.” Alexandros Papadiamantis did not write “Fake News”. Would he survive in 2017?

“You must meet our professor Christopher Tripoulas,” said Frances Vecchia, a university administrator. “He has several degrees. The students like his classes.” That was ten years ago. Christopher Tripoulas is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Communications Department of a local university. His lecture with a power point presentation captured the audience’s attention.

Mrs. Pauline Manos, in her article on Papadiamantis said “in all his masterpieces is intense adoration and reverence for the Byzantine melody. He said ‘as long as I live and breathe, I will not cease to praise and worship Christ and describe genuine Greek customs and poetry.”

Professor Christopher Tripoulas

Dr. John Nathenas described to this writer his exceptional college summer program in Crete. “The Dias International Academic Studies offers summer accredited college courses from July 9th to August 13, 1017 at the University of Crete,” Dr. Nathenas explained. “Each student can take two courses and earn 8 to 12 credits pre-approved from his or her home USA University. All courses are taught in English. Unforgettable education excursions are offered. Visit us at or email us at”

Awards Presentation to the fifteen participants of the First Pedagogical Program at the Greek School of the Ascension in Fairview, N.J. by Dr. Thalia Hatzigiannoglou

The Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus” Board and Committees include: Prometheus Board, Demosthenes Triantafillou, President, Apostolos Fountas, Vice President, Alexandros Colombos, Secretary General & Technology Director and Dr. John G. Siolas, Treasurer: Board Members, George Kanellopoulos, Timoleon Kokkinos, Sofia Kostras, Meropi Kyriacou-Kakopierou, Dr. George Melikokis; Alternate Members, Cathy Koutsoupaki, Emmanuela Christodoulou and Vaia Tjionas; Advisory Board, Maria Makedon, Dr. John Antonopoulos and Auditing Committee, Spyros Koutsoupakis and Georgia Papadopoulou. The Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus was founded in 1975. For more information, visit

Over 100 persons present.

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