Educator Vasiliki Filiotis Describes the Value of Greek at Major Event

President Vasiliki Filiotis

“GREEK the language they gave me; poor the house on Homer’s shores. My only care my language on Homer’s shores…,” Axion Esti by Odysseas Elytis. This was the theme of President Vasiliki Filiotis’ address at the “The International Day of Greek Language and Culture.” On February 12th at the cultural center of the Holy Trinity Cathedral at 319 East 74th St., New York. The Hellenic Paideia of America Organization played an active role through the leadership of President Vasiliki Filiotis. Adriana Filiotis and Georgia Filiotis worked behind the scenes to aid the Hellenic Paideia of America’s participation in an event attended by over two hundred persons. The Filiotis family is well known in Astoria, New York for their community activist services.

Dr. Anasstasios and Bessie Kassapidis (left to right) of Astoria with Educator Adriana Filiotis (3rd from left) and guests. Photo by Despina Siolas Md/PhD

“We have the responsibility to preserve the Greek legacy in education,” President Filiotis explained. “Heisenberg and Ortega believed that the Greek language and literature are important in education. Parents must encourage children from an early age of the spiritual heritage of Greek civilization.”

Community Activist Georgia Filiotis (left) with Dr. Despina Siolas.

“Greek is important to the languages and cultures of the world. Greek recorded ancient philosophy and is the basis of languages. Every language contains Greek words. The language spread Christianity. We support Modern Greek language studies and urge all youth to enroll. The Hellenic Paideia Organization’s goal is to encourage Greek-Americans and their friends to speak Greek. We must leave an inheritance to the next generation. European culture and civilization, of which our own country is a part, are rooted in ancient Greece.

Paideia President Vasiliki Filiotis (left) with honoree Mrs. Angela Zervoudis (2nd from left) Presented a commemorative seal by Mrs. Stella Kokolis (right) Photo by Despina Siolas MD/PhD

            “We must survive as a nation by inspiring the study of our Greek language and history. We must transmit the sacred flame of the study of Greek to the next generation. Greece is the land of heroes, martyrs, poets, philosophers. It is an eternal symbol of Western civilization. The entire Western world has turned to Greek in its quest for a cultural identity. Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley said ‘We are all Greeks. Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts have their roots in Greece.’ These are the aims of The Hellenic Paideia of America Organization.  Educator Filiotis, along with other past presidents of Prometheus, was honored by a certificate from Michael Giannaris, NY State Senator of District 12, Greek Teachers Association “Prometheus” and the Department of Education of Greece for outstanding service. She was honored St. Irene’s Monastery Held at the Stathakion Center on April 5th, 2009 and Hermes Expo on April 13th, 2013.

Links: album. Phots by Despina Siolas MD/PhD



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