Everyone Wanted Photo at Tsar’s Cannon in the Moscow Kremlin

Writer with Tsar’s Cannon

Our excursion group, with our unique guide Irina Chetina, was mesmerized with the Tsar’s Cannon in Moscow’s Kremlin. Oversized and unable to fire a cannon ball, it continues to fascinate persons since its creation in 1586. The Cannon weighs 39 tons, surrounded with heavy cannon balls. It is one of the largest and oldest cannons in the world. img_1997-1024x766-640x479-500x374

The official history is that it was intended as a powerful weapon to defend the Kremlin. It is displayed in an imposing location. Tsar Fedor Ioanovich on horseback is displayed.


Smaller cannons were displayed in the Kremlin that shoot. We all had our photo next to this gigantic weapon of  supposed destruction. It is a highlight of Moscow that tourists must see.img_1998-1024x741-640x463-500x362






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