Padelina Shopping Center Olympia Has Something for Everyone

A Greek supermarket with only Greek made products, Padelina shopping Center is an experience. Cash and carry without shipping to her/his home is the best way to shop.IMG_2209 (450x450) Panayiotis, an administrator, had a wine tasting demonstration with wine and honey. We were offered Achaia Claus wine from Patra.IMG_2216 (450x450) When I reached New York, I went to a local liquor store and bought this rich wine as souvenirs for my doctors, who need it with Obamacare. Loucoumi and honey sesame candies were displayed in bags. IMG_2190 (450x450)We are Northeast Aegean islanders. Greek soaps made from olive oil, ceramics, oil paintings, different varieties of olive oil and honey were displayed. Roses were part of the art décor. This Olympian market completed our excursion to Olympia.  – album


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