The Fisheries of Nafpaktos, Greece

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The scenic drive to Delphi showed us the amazing fisheries of Nafpaktos. Nets with metal cages were breeding fish. In the local supermarket, we have labeled frozen fish that states “farm fresh”. I saw firsthand that Nafpaktos raised farm fresh fish for the consumers of Greece. I have been hearing there is no fish in the Mediterranean because of Asian commercial ships that catch all. This is the Greek answer to the problem.

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A recent study explained that “It is important to note that a significant part of the small-scale landings usually are directed to the local market, hotels and restaurants (Tzanatos et al., 2006), without passing through the wholesale market.” 1

The beautiful coastal area our group viewed was the area from Galaxidi to Nafpaktos. “Just outside Galaxidi, in the direction of Nafpaktos, you will see a beach that from above looks really nice. Anemokambi (N 38.35122, E 22.38019) is situated in a small bay, in an area dedicated to fish farming…. a little factory works at full speed processing and packing it…”2

The view is a panoramic delight.  This offers the traveler an insight into the fish market of Greece.



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