Touristiko Café in Areos Square, Tripolis, Greece Has Greek Atmosphere

Friends and Owner (owner).

We had breakfast with our friend Anna at the Touristiko. It is a old world café, with white tablecloths in a park environment. We had Greek coffee, coffee frappe and  kasseri cheese sandwiches. It was great. The mood was relaxing before of the atmosphere,

Our last evening in Tripoli was spent with Charalambos Gerou, a member of the parish council and retired philologist/educator Pitsa Gerou Macarouni.  “I sponsored the mosaics of the Panagia with Child and St. Charalambos in memory of my family at the chapel,” said Mr. Gerou. We went to the Touristiko Plateias Areos Restaurant for appetizers of octopus, dips and wine. The owner and staff came out to welcome us to their restaurant.

“In hospitality, the chief thing is good will”, says a Greek proverb. Hospitality came from the Gods, according to the Ancient Greeks. The host was expected to make sure the needs of his guests were satisfied. In Greek society, a person’s ability to offer hospitality, determined nobility and social standing.  This concept has been woven into Greek cultureIMG_0039 (500x500) - Copy for thousands of years.


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