Arty Grand Hotel Great Landscape and Breakfast

IMG_1899 (500x500)
Arty Grand Hotel

We arrived at the Arty Hotel, Olympia in the evening. From my window, I saw olive groves and mountains. An Olympic style pool was available. I was having trouble with the wifi. Stathis Mantas, the reception computer expert, knew how to put in the correct codes quickly.

The Breakfast buffet made an impression. The foods were not commercial, but traditional Greek cuisine. The breakfast included: fresh strawberries with Greek yogourt, olives, a variety of breads, loucoumades, homemade marmalades, local Peloponnesian honey, chocolate and honey cakes, Turkish delight, tiropites, tiropites with wholemeal dough, chess pies wrapped as cylinders and spinach pies. The reception area was in a traditional Greek folk style. The hospitality of Anastasia Volosyraki made an impression. Andreas at the reception desk  welcomed all tourists in this traditional Greek style hotel.


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