Off the Beaten Trail: The April 3rd Terrorist Attack on the St. Petersburg, Russia Metro

Great Patriotic War memorial at the Kremlin wall with flowers in memory of  the April 3rd victims of the ISIS terrorist attack at the St. Petersburg metro. Photo by Irina Chetina.


The April 3rd terrorist attack on the St. Petersburg, Russia was covered in detail by the Greek language radio programs of New York City. Mainstream America news media brushed over the event quickly. One day later, on Tuesday April 4th, at the 111th police precinct meeting in Bayside, New York, the topic was discussed. Deputy Inspector William A. McBride, said “what happens in Russia, Paris, England and parts of the world affects us in New York City. This is 2017. We are vigilant. We take care of our communities.”

Irina Chetina, my Russian guide of and excursion, emailed information on the Moscow’s community’s reaction. This is a special report to the Queens Gazette. “Thank you for your support and sympathy, “she said. “Such sad events make us realize how fragile the world is. I remember very well the tragedy in New York (9/11/2001) as it was a shock for people all over the world. Since 2000 we’ve had about 15 terrorists’ attacks in Russia, 11 of them in Moscow.”

She continued saying “These awful events teach people to stand together and help each other. After the attack in St. Petersburg (April 3rd), the metro was closed for 1 day. It caused a big problem for many people who haven’t cars. Public transport was overloaded. Then thousands of car owners and taxi drivers volunteered to transfer passengers free of charge while the metro was closed. People offered their help and money to victims and their relatives.”
“In Moscow, people are bringing flowers to St. Petersburg representation and to the Great Patriotic War memorial at the Kremlin wall,” she explained. “Today, (April 6th), we’ve had the mourning meeting and concert in the center of Moscow to commemorate the victims. Many thousands of people came. I’ve read the article about Aivazovsky ( in the queens Gazette). He is one of my favorite painters. Very interesting and educative. Thank you for introducing Russian art to people in your country! Thank you for Easter wishes. I’m getting ready for it. Passions week is approaching. I’ll try to visit as many services as possible.” From Irina’s information and eyewitness of the rebuilding of Churches, I have the impression that the Russian people enjoy rediscovering their Russian Orthodox roots.
Six days after the St. Petersburg’s terrorist attack,” two blasts targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt on Palm Sunday (April 9th) have killed at least 44 people, officials say. An explosion at St George’s Coptic church in Tanta killed 27 people. Hours later, a blast outside St Mark’s Coptic church in Alexandria left 17 dead. So-called Islamic State (IS) said it was behind the explosions, the latest in a series of attacks targeting the Christian minority in the country.”1 My response is quoting 111th NYPD Deputy Inspector William A. McBride who said “this is 2017. We are vigilant. We take care of our communities.”







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