On the Road in Greece: AMALIA HOTEL, Delphi

IMG_2404 (500x500) (375x375)

This is my second time at the Amalia Hotel, Delphi. “Come and visit me, I will be here,” said Mr. Dimos Theodorakis, General Manager. I believe he works 24/7. The hotel is like a Greek home, full of hospitality. The rooms are immaculate, with a view of the mountains. I loved the outdoor Olympic size swimming pool. I had the best swim at Amalia Hotel. The reception and hotel staff show real love to Americans. A refreshing change from a 4 star hotel I stayed at the Acropolis.

I had breakfast at a table overlooking the veranda and mountains. In the distance were windmills dotting the mountains. Geraniums, oleanders cacti, green leaf potted plants were part of the landscape overlooking evergreen trees on the mountains. The breakfast buffet had homemade Greek cuisine. Marmalades of traditional Greek quince, apricot and strawberry were offered. Large juicy olives with eggs, bougatsa, rizogalo, halva, kagiana traditional Greek omelets, sausages and sliced fresh fruits were part of a sumptuous table. The elegant, spacious European style dining hall made an impression. Being at the Amalia Hotel with its all Greek staff that was bilingual was a positive experience.


https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN1HFu41Ns0tEj9fGIlWK3XLCrk8Q6LhBEzWVW7fhIGCg8acym1hrKj1l69hkO1mA?key=Z1VySkVjQzNLdDR0dG50YlBFYUVVbW9Kdnp4MjZB -album


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