Novgorod Bells

Bells of Novgorod Kremlin

Only in Russia did I see an intense love for Bells. The bells of St. Sofia Cathedral and other Novgorod religious sanctuaries are on display in the Kremlin. The bells shaped Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff’s music. The bells are on the ground now and do not play. During WWII, the Nazis removed and tried to steal them. They were saved and placed on the ground in the Kremlin. We all wanted photos of these beautiful creations. Bells are part of the civilization of Russia, calling all believers to church, birth, funeral events and major historical events.

Millennium Monument of Novgorod


The Millennium of Russia bronze monument in the Kremlin, that celebrated the beginning of the Russian nation, is in the shape of a bell crowned by a cross symbolizing the Tsar’s power unifying church and state.



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