On the Road in Greece: Pentecost Litany Procession in Corfu City

IMG_4314 (225x400)


            I stumbled on a litany Pentecost Procession on my way to St. Spyridon Church. St. Eleftherios Church had the procession blessing all in the neighborhood. Chanting was inspiring through the old cobblestone streets of Corfu City.  IMG_4321 (225x400)

They carried the icons of St. Anna and St. Eleftherios.

      “In Saint Spyridon street (locally known as “το καντούνι του Αγίου” (Saint’s alley)) apart from the famous Saint Spyridon church, there is a smaller and lesser known one dedicated to Saint Eleftherios and Saint Ann. The church was consecrated in 1700, after being transformed into a religious establishment from a private house. It was built by  Theodorella Vervitsioti, daughter of Nikolaos Vervitsiotis. The church opened its doors in June of 1700 and it was renovated several times in 1765, in 1850 and in 1915. In 1714 Theodora Vervitsioti  donated the church to the grocers and cheese seller trade union. It was heavily damaged during the bombings of 14 September of 1943 and it was rebuilt almost from scratch in 1960.IMG_4316 (225x400)


There are 
three commemorative plaques on the façade commemorating the consegration, the renovation of 1765 and its rebuilt in 1960. ll the plaques were written in Greek. The oldest one is the most beautiful and splendid of the three.” 1                     


  1. http://johncorfuworld.blogspot.com/2010/05/corfu-in-detail-6-ancient-commemorative.html


Hara Armeni,


Charitos Travel,

66 Ethniki Palaiokastritsas,
Solari, Corfu, Greece 49100

Tel: +30 2661044611



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